FFmpeg Unity Bind 2

FFmpeg Unity Bind 2 is open source now.


1. How to use FFmpeg?

Here is a great guide which most people like to start from. If you understand how to use the library which is built for Stand Alone, then it will be easier to work on mobile.

2. What Unity version should I use?

Unity recommend use LTS releases for serious projects. Recommended Unity version to build projects with FFmpeg Bind 2  is 2019.4.11f1 LTS which is covered by QA.



Front Fire

Military War Tactics Game.

You are an amazing battle Commander!

You should make tactical decisions and calculate time to make the devastating hit to the tanks. Use the best strategy to destroy the entire enemy army.


You should aim in generated realistic terrain using a digital interface system. 

Mortar can shoot by a grenade via a pre-calculated defined trajectory.

Grenade flight takes several seconds, so as an Officer you should predict reach contact point time.

Enemy tanks also shoot with grenades to the Commander Camp. 

Protect your Headquarter Command Post.

Missiles can eliminate enemy grenades in the air! Extremely useful.

Just train the skill to press over a flying grenade.

So you have surface-to-surface and surface-to-air weapon types.

Also watch your Ammo.

How to fight if...



CYBER is a next generation multiplayer online shooter game in a science fiction dystopian futuristic setting, focused on a “combination of low-life and high tech” world.


Fight for cruel cyborgs of the CORPORATION.
For hard-die defenders of the METROPOLE.
Or for both sides.


Hunt, Cyclop, Anasteisha, Niko, Hammer, B.E.S. (Battle Exo Skeleton) Insectron for CORPORATION.
BioCop, Sonar, Tania, Spectrum, NeKit, B.E.S. (Battle Exo Skeleton) Dominant for METROPOLE.


Each skin has 3 EVOLUTION parameters: Defense, Intellect, Speed.


FOOTSTEPS. Can see footprints of enemies.
THE EYE. See enemies through the obstacles.
HEALING. Restoring allies life within the range.
HACKING. Capturing points faster.
SHIELD. Blocks damage for time.


GigaNeo is going to Top in Q3 2018

We are proud to report to all consumers of our Production, that during 2017 and 2018 GigaNeo has built most Successful Video Editing package for Unity 3D Apps: FFmpeg Unity Bind.

You can find out more details about this framework at Dedicated Website and in F.A.Q. section.

Package contains fundamental functionality and is automated to use by skilled Unity Programmers / Engineers with a Detailed Getting Started documentation.

Other Packages are also doing great:

You can check GigaNeo Publisher for All Products. They all are Successful and on the way to Leading positions.

Now we are ready to take Bigger Challenges and develop a MEGA Project. What kind of project it will be you know soon. Stay tuned!

Good Luck and...


GIGA Video Streamer

Best Universal Video Streamer to Send and Receive Realtime Picture for Unity.

GIGA Video Streamer

– Scene Camera Streaming Demo
– Device Camera Streaming Demo
– Video File Streaming Demo
– Open, Extendable C# Code
– Fast UDP protocol
– Super Lightweight
– Developer friendly API


Accura GPS for Unity

For those who struggling from limited floating points accuracy during GPS tracking in Unity Engine.
Accura GPS – double precision GPS which opens full power of Device Location Processor.
Available on the Asset Store.

Super lightweight. Compatible with latest Unity. Usable from C# API.
Retrieve precise location data; precise altitude data; accuracy in meters;
Supported platforms: IOS / Android