Video Packer

GigaNeo invented a way how to reduce sprite animations weight X-times!

Do you want to save from 50% to 96% assets memory?
Ready solution for Unity Game Engine is available in Asset Store
Example created using Video Packer:

Video Packer allows developers to have more animations with smaller build size.
Author of this system is Max Botvinev, talented inventor, developer, philosopher and entrepreneur.
Video Packer is a generator of ultra optimized video files (.webm, VP8) which can be used by Unity 3d instead of heavyweight sprite / texture animations.

Generate video animations from image sequence which is ideal cross-platform format.
Such set of frames can be exported with built-in VideoPacker Utils or in every animation tool like After Effect, Adobe Flash and Many More.
Recommended images format is PNG.

Supported platforms:
According to Video Player documentation, .webm VP8 files are supported on every platform, which Unity supports (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, WebGL etc.)


1. Is Video Packer suits for Me?

When you have huge amount of animations related to few objects it’s the best case to have relief with Video Packer. For example a main character controller which have a lot of moves, but can be visualized only with one VideoPlayer. Such example is included to the project. In big game you can save hundreds of megabytes in such way.

Take a look at Demo App. DOWNLOAD

NOTE: It’s better to have NOT many VideoPlayers at the same time due to performance.

2. How to use Video Packer?

Click VideoPacker/Help in Unity TopBar menu to read full GettingStarted guidance.
Basically, you are providing path to first frame in the folder of images. Name of every frame should include index number (../0_image.png). Then VideoPacker will iterate over all frame images and create lightweight video file at specified path.

3. What is the size of Video Packer?

Video Packer is an Editor tool. It means it weighs nothing in  the build. Just make sure nothing is referenced by mistake.
In Editor it consist of:
Binary libraries 62.8 mb
Demo content 43 mb
C# source code 157 kb

4. Which Editor platform is better Mac OS or Windows?

In Mac OS we observe higher compression, generated video are smaller. It’s because of libraries and hardware differences. However on Windows it potentially keeps better quality.
So if you want higher compression and have a choice – Mac OS fits more.

5. How to reduce video size even more?

There is a great trick:
Choose max frame rate when packing the video and then just play this clip slower. As a result you have short video clip with smaller size and same count of frames.

Good luck and have a Happy coding,
Sincerely yours GigaNeo.

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