Video Packer

GigaNeo invented a way how to reduce sprite animations weight X-times!

Do you want to save from 50% to 96% assets memory?
Ready solution for Unity Game Engine is available in Asset Store
Example created using Video Packer:

Video Packer allows developers to have more animations with smaller build size.
Author of this system is Max Botvinev, talented inventor, developer, philosopher and entrepreneur.
Video Packer is a generator of ultra optimized video files (.webm, VP8) which can be used by Unity 3d instead of heavyweight sprite / texture animations.

Generate video animations from image sequence which is ideal cross-platform format.
Such set of frames can be exported with built-in VideoPacker Utils or in every animation tool like After Effect, Adobe Flash and Many More.


FFmpeg Unity Bind

FFmpeg Unity Bind is a powerful solution to perform all kind of video editing operations. 17 years of Video Programming experience now can be easily integrated into every mobile cross-platform app. Thousands of developers enjoys a power of the product.
FFmpeg Unity Bind is a functionality of complete Video Editor on phones and tablets (Supports IOS + Android).

FFmpeg Unity Bind at Unity 3d Asset Store

FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created. It supports the most obscure ancient formats up to the cutting edge. No matter if they were designed by some standards committee, the community or a corporation. It is also highly portable.

This package offers FFmpeg Binding to Unity + Helpers for qu...


TNV – Thermal Night Vision

Is a custom implementation of world famous Visual Effects like in the “Predator vs Alien” movie and game series. To be useful for other developers it is available for Unity 3d in the Asset Store

TNV - Thermal Night

How Thermal Imaging Works

In order to properly implement thermal imaging video, I had to develop a decent understanding of what it was and how it worked. The electromagnetic spectrum consists of several sections including (in order of wavelength) radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays.

There are basically three ways for a camera to “see in the dark”. Light amplification is the most commonly used method. It is really just the gain on a camera and tells the camera to increase the amount of visible light it is collecting when the light source is faint...


Dev Diaries


When, it would seem, the adaptation is ready … Faced the problem that it is difficult to get data from Facebook to determine the gender. And our characters are divided by gender. In the standard version, the developer is not given out information until the Application will be launched . There was a problem, how to get a gender, having an icon and a name (full name)
For a while, it seemed to us that it was impossible …
But we were able to “get round” ways to get data that exceeds the accuracy of gender determination. The sample was made based on the analysis of a large database of data ,which gender is selected with a specific name when filling out the fields in Facebook.
How would you solve this problem ??)



While multi-player online games are very successful, their fast deployment suffers from their server-based architecture. Indeed, servers both limit the scalability of the games and increase deployment costs. However, they make it easier to control the game (e.g. by preventing cheating and providing support for billing). Peer-to-peer, i.e. transfer of the game functions on each each player’s machine, is an attractive communication model for online gaming. We investigate here the challenges of peer-to-peer gaming, hoping that this discussion will generate a broader interest in the research community.

Today, millions of players are connected to several online gaming communities [1]...


Neural Network

Artificial Intelligence through Neural Networks

In order to define AI, we must first define the concept of intelligence in general. A paraphrased definition based on Wikipedia is:

Intelligence can be generally described as the ability to perceive information, and retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.

AI is used for other recognition tasks (pattern, text, audio, image, video, facial, …), autonomous vehicles, medical diagnoses, gaming, search engines, spam filtering, crime fighting, marketing, robotics, remote sensing, computer vision, transportation, music recognition, classification, and so on.

Biological Neural Networks Overview

The human brain is exceptionally complex and quite literally the most powerful computing machine k...


Dev Diaries


Face detection is realized on the basis of  well-known programming paradigms and open source libraries. Once we get data on the coordinates of the eye, nose, mouth our algorithms will adapt to the 3D character models. The final step is the calculation of the average color setting on the basis of skin color, and the current level of lighting in the photo.

What is The Importance of Facial Recognition in Today's World?


Dev Diaries


Once we figured out that content for our game contains Terrain (ground) which was designed with help of Terrains sub-engine. It’s very interesting tool with great features of brush painting and sculpting, but for our game it become a huge overhead in memory.

What we had to do is to reduce memory usage. But it was tricky because sub-engine is closed for modifying system, like a black box. So we explored it properties and managed to export data from it to raw textures and heightmap. Than we wrote our own lightweight Shader (surface visualization program) to draw the ground without performance lose. It looks the same as you can see.

As a result we reduced game size on device for 40mb. Geometry complexity benchmark:

We optimized the basic version to increase the speed o...


Dev Diaries

Paint the Walls

There was no need to re-invent a wheel. There are a lot of good algorithms for it. This is a great feature that is perceived by our brain, as an expression of creativity, protecting us from the inner mental strain.

It is used occasionally in casual games and usual have poor implementation. Painting of everything is an important part of fun in our gameplay. It’s like a toy – you can do what ever you want.

Create with Colors Shooter!


Dev Diaries


Now we solve the problem of control over the flow, its improvement and hit the target. To paint over an object or wash away  a character, we need to find out if colors  flow  has got into it. Traditional methods of visualization are more suitable for PC, and color shooters are created for mobile devices. Our goal – high performance parameters to achieve maximum realism, but the possibilities of mobile devices significantly limit the speed and clarity, which complicates the task.The method of ray casting computationally complex, time-lapse, per-pixel dynamic calculation has allowed us to obtain the desired result.A beam defining a collision with objects around is accompanied by a curved flow  along the entire length...